Mattias Tyrberg and Saplo Awarded Rookie of the Year

February 28th, 2012 by Mattias Tyrberg

Once again Saplo have won an prestigious award; the Rookie of the Year at the Malmö Business Awards.

Mattias Tyrberg Entrepreneur Rookie of the Year

For the fourth year, Malmö Business Awards had the award Rookie of the Year. In order to qualify for the prize requires that the person lives in Malmö and is under 30 years. Person shall, through its business have been innovative, contributed to a renewal of the business community in Malmö or accomplished something that stands out, it feels fresh,wild or daring. The prize is presented in cooperation with Sydsvenskan.

The jury’s justification (translated from Swedish),

This year’s business rookie has gone from strength to strength and is a model for entrepreneurs. The way to do business is characterized by the drive, target focus and spirit of the future – preferably with a latte in his hand. The product literally satisfies the need for customers to understand the meaning of the text written online. 

We want to thank everyone that helped us getting where we are from customers to friends.