Saplo Awarded one of the Most Promising Technology Companies in Sweden 2011

March 29th, 2011 by Mattias Tyrberg

Today Saplo have been selected as one of the 33 most promising young technology companies in Sweden by the Swedish technology magazine Ny Teknik and business magazine Affärsvärlden.

Saplo award

For month’s journalist have been researching to find the most interesting and promising technology companies. Today the list that consist of 33 companies (called the Top 33-list) have been published and Saplo is one of the awarded companies. The list consists of the most promising companies in the fields of IT, materials, energy, medical and environment. The companies have been chosen based on characteristic such as how innovative they are, how big is the international potential and an ability to change the way a market works.

There are many great companies in Sweden and to be selected to be top 33 is very inspiring and encouraging. This award is also for all Saplo users that help us get better and better so a big thank you for your help!

Thanks to roblisameehan for the CC image from Flickr