QlikView And Saplo Launch An In-Depth Presidential Election Analysis Application

October 12th, 2012 by Joakim Stenberg

How about analysing millions of tweets and articles about the Presidential candidates in just a couple of clicks? With the new Presidential Election 2012 Application from QlikView you can do just that.

Have a look at the application here.

The QlikView Business Discovery Platform is outstanding at handling huge sets of data. With little effort you can summarize data in a single graph enabling you to see patterns previously unknown. You can zoom in and out on different topics of interest and draw your own conclusions and make your own in-depth analysis of what it is you are seeing.

For the United States Presidential Election 2012 QlikView has connected Text Analysis from Saplo to QlikView to create an immense application for analysing what is written about the candidates.

Screenshot Of Sentiment Per Topic In QlickView 2012 Presidential Election Application
Sentiment of articles and tweets per topic and candidate.

The analysis is using Saplo Context to categorize texts into election topics and Saplo Tags to create an overview of recently mentioned entities. In addition, Saplo Sentiment gives you an idea of what people think about the candidates and their ideas. Want to give Saplo Sentiment a try? Download our try-sentiment script and follow the instructions.

The application has been developed together with Industrial CodeBox that implemented support for Saplo Text Analytics in their QlikView plugin called QVSource making it possible for anyone to use technology from Saplo inside QlikView. You find the plugin here.