QlikView uses Saplo to analyze Twitter

August 20th, 2014 by Fredrik Hörte

In 2012, prior to the US Presidential Election, QlikView and Saplo launched an in-depth analysis application showing the endless possibilities that can be achieved by combining a powerful Business Intelligence Platform with Text Analysis. In September it is time for the Swedish Election and Qlik (formely QlikView) have chosen to once again use Saplo as Text Analytics provider when analysing what is said on Twitter.

Tweets are continually collected based on selected political keywords. Each tweet is then matched against the political party and subject to determine what each individual tweet was referring to. Thereafter, a sentiment classification is made to decide if the written text was of positive, negative or neutral character.

Check out the demo!

Swedish-English translation: Jobb = Jobs/Unenployment, Invandringspolitik = Immigration Policy, Klimatpolitik = Climate Policy, Jämställdhet = Equality
Most popular topics grouped by political party