Saplo’s Text Analytics on World Tour

November 18th, 2011 by Mattias Tyrberg

Earlier this year Saplo was chosen as one of the top 20 innovations from Sweden for our text analytics technology. Now all 20 innovations are on a tour called Innovative Sweden and the exhibition will visit cities from all around the world. The first stop was California.

Text Analytics from at Innovate Sweden Stanford

The Innovative Sweden Exhibition shows the best innovations from Sweden and the first stop was Stanford in the beginning of November. Swedish Institute held a one week program with different theme days such as Future of Mobile and Cracking the Code of Innovation. As one of the 20 selected companies Saplo and our text analytics innovation was a popular visit for hundreds of the top influencers from Silicon Valley that took the chance to visit the event.

Saplo will be a part of the full tour that will continue for several years and visit cities in all continents. Next stop will be Toronto in January 2012 (January 23 to February 12) and then we will visit Washington in March (March 1 – April 30). Later next year the exhibition will visit Brasil,  Rio de Janeiro in May (May 21 – June 24) and São Paulo in July (July 9 – middle of August). The tour will later also visit both Asia and Europe.

For latest information regarding program and not yet released cities please visit Swedish Institute’s website. If you are in one of the cities or interested to have the exhibition in your city please contact Swedish Institute or write us an email.

Hope to see you on the text analytics world tour.