Saplo and IBM discuss how to solve text analysis problems

September 17th, 2008 by Mattias Tyrberg

Our technology offers a lot of possibilities in many different areas. We´ve used the incredible opportunity it means to meet the great people here at Seedcamp to discus what´s the best thing for us to develop and focus on right now.

Today we´ve meet product- and marketing experts. These groups showed a great interest in our technology and had a thousand ideas on how to use it. David Bolokor from IBM had a lot of great thoughts on how to use our technology in order to solve huge problems in the information- and analyze section.

George Hadjigeorgiou from Yahoo found the technology behind our ad optimization tool fascinating. Then we talked with people from Skype, Reuters and Google about marketing. It is a really interesting and of course important section to get good at and it absolutely helps a lot meeting these experts and getting so many great advises.
Finally we bumped into Anders Hallin from Stardoll, nice to have someone to talk Swedish too as well.