Saplo API at Bonnier Hackday

March 17th, 2010 by Mattias Tyrberg

So the two last days Saplo has been attending the B0NN13R H4CKD4Y ¬†event that was held at Bonnier’s headquarter in Stockholm. It’s an events where developers are building all kinds of applications and/or concepts from idea to prototype in less then 24 hours. Mainly this event was for companies within the Bonnier group, although some external people where invited as well. We (Saplo) had open our API exclusively for this event and the teams. The services we provided was entity tagging with contextual entity categorization for persons, organisations and geo-names and a way to identify similar articles from a semantic point of view.

At a total there were 17 teams attending. Almost all of them used different APIs and solutions but some teams laborated with Saplo API. One of the teams built an application that tracks your geo location (from an iPhone, Android phone etc) and presents news articles that have taken place near this location. They are using the Saplo API to extract the places mentioned in the text and then polls out the geo-ip from Google (we will post a link when the application is online).

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