Saplo in the finals of a… golf tournament?

September 6th, 2011 by Joakim Stenberg

Yes, you heard right, there are developers out there who know one or two things about golf. But what’s the odds that two of these very odd developers would be located under the same roof…

Fredrik Hörte and Joakim Stenberg has taken Team Saplo all the way to the finals of the prestigious Swedish Business Golf Tournament. The finals will be played in mid October at PGA Catalunya Resort, Barcelona, Spain.

Golf Course
Disclaimer: The image is not from any of the golf courses mentioned in the post, but from a course in France.

The tournament is played as a foursome, where players compete in teams of two, taking alternate shots. Team Saplo entered the tournament August 16 at PGA of Sweden National, together with another 100 teams.
Solid drives and amazing short game got us a third place. Luckily, since Saplo was one of the entrepreneur teams invited by Nya Affärer, that was enough to get us to the semi-finals.

The first semi-finals and the one Saplo was entering took place September 2 at Sand Golf Club together with over 60 other qualified teams from south Sweden. Team Saplo played better golf then ever before and mixed with a good portion of luck we managed amazing 7 strokes under par net after nine holes!

Unfortunately that made us realize that we had a great chance of winning the whole thing and suddenly nerves was a prominent part of the game. For another five holes we managed to keep our great score intact, then it all came crashing down. The last four holes we went from 6 under par net to even. A disaster!

Again, Team Saplo finished third, just missing the finals in Barcelona! We were pretty happy anyway, we had played great for most part of the round and got rewarded with some really great bags from Victorinox. Add to that playing two of the best golf courses in Sweden, PGA of Sweden National and Sand Golf Club, and we were all but sad.

Then September 6 during lunch Fredrik from Team Saplo gets a phone call. Apparently the best entrepreneur team from each of the semi-finals get a spot in the finals at PGA Catalunya in Barcelona!
So, of more then 1300 teams, Team Saplo will be one of eight going to Spain in October! Isn’t that a treat!

Thanks a lot to all of you that make the tournament such a great event! For those of you who understand Swedish, you can read more about the tournament at