Saplo Raises Seed Funding For Semantic Text Analysis Technology

May 31st, 2010 by Mattias Tyrberg

Today we can proudly announce that Saplo has completed a $500.000 seed round for further development of a text analysis platform (API).

Founded in 2008, Saplo has grown on basis of sale incomes and research grants from the Swedish Government (i.e., VINNOVA). As sale efforts increased in 2010 we felt a strong need to bring in new competence in order to lift Saplo to the next level.

Among investors are several known names such as Professor Göran Grosskopf, Chairman of the Stichting INGKA Foundation (i.e, the parent company of the IKEA Group) and Martin Liljeberg, Founder of the SOVA chain of stores (Sweden’s largest chain of bed stores).

With new competence in primarily Sales, Finance, Economy and Management we are convinced that Saplo will progress faster and do so more efficiently.

We gladly accept feedback and requests regarding services offered by our API. For those of you who have ideas or concepts ready for development – please do not hesitate to sign up for API access. We will let you have access as soon as possible.