Saplo releases trend report – Swedish Bloggers about IPRED

April 7th, 2009 by Mattias Tyrberg

Saplo has, in cooperation with Twingly, conducted an survey that measure what Swedish bloggers wrote about the IPRED-law during the first months of 2009. Saplo has, with help of a technology developed by Associate Professor Sverker Sikström, automatically analysed 4000 blog entries. This analysis resulted in a list that illustrate how bloggers wrote about, and how they value, the IPRED-law.

The list in question:

1 in violation of integrity
2 illegal
3 meaningless
4 unfitting
5 controversial
6 idiotic
7 incompatible
8 jeopardizing the judicial system
9 outdated
10 bad
11 unnecessary
12 despicable
13 useless

Source: Saplo / Twingly

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