Text Analytics And Predictive Analytics In QlikView

December 6th, 2012 by Mattias Tyrberg

How can QlikView leverage new technologies such as text analytics and predictive analytics? We invited experts in the field to present and discuss how this can be used in business intelligence (BI).

Saplo used text analytics and QlikView to predict the future

We had three different speakers at the event. Firstly, an inspirational speech by Seth Grimes, world famous expert in the field of BI and text analytics. He talks about his experience related to text analytics and predictive analytics in business intelligence.

See the video: Seth Grimes talks about predictive analytics & text analytics for users of business intelligence software like QlikView


Secondly, Mattias Tyrberg, CEO at Saplo, demonstrates how text analytics and predictive analytics were used to predict the outcome of the US Presidential Election 2012. He also shows how organizations can use text analytics on top of existing BI applications to add a new layer of knowledge. For more information about how to use text analytics for QlikView visit our product pages.

See the video: Mattias Tyrberg demonstrates how text analytics can be integrated and used in QlikView

Lastly, Pauline Henrysson, Solution Architect at QlikView and Henric Cronström, Ph.D. Vice President Product, talks about how QlikView works in the area of text analytics and predictive analytics. They also discussed how QlikView partners can help QlikView users to integrate this type of solutions.

See the video: Henric Cronström and Pauline Henrysson talks about how QlikView works with text analytics, predictive analytics and partners