Which are the Media Trends to Watch 2011?

May 19th, 2011 by Mattias Tyrberg

The economic crisis we had is now forgotten and companies are again investing in new technologies.  As a participant (and award winner) in the Media Momentum event in Barcelona I want to share what I think is the key trends for digital media this year.

Saplo awarded as a media company to watch at Media momentum 2011

Media Momentum took place in the famous W Hotel in Barcelona with the hottest digital media companies from Europe. I see several different trends but most of them can be summarized as “how can we make more money”.The main trends are ad optimization, automatic recommendations and social.

Ad optimization
How can ads be displayed more efficient? There is so much data about the ads such as users and texts. How can that data be used to increase performance? Hot trends are targeting based on social profiles and targeting based on interest of the user.

Automatic recommendations
Since the content already exists there is a need to make it easier for users to find and read the content. Today this is often made manually by adding related stories and tagging. The value is high but since it’s done manually it cost both time and money. The trend is now to integrate services that do related articles and tags automatically.

Most sites have integrated some sort of commenting system to increase users interactions on the site. They also use social sharing such as Twitter and Facebook to get stories spread and increase traffic. The next step is to implement social games to make the users share and interact even more with content.

So what’s next?
Next thing is a combination of all three trends where you will get personal recommendations based on your social profile. This means that you automatically will get interested articles recommended for you and that ads will no longer be boring they will actually be interesting and add value.


About Media Momentum
Media Momentum is the awards recognizing the most innovative and fastest growing companies in the European Digital Media Economy, organized by GP Bullhound. Saplo was awarded as one of the Media Companies to Watch 2011.